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1 PC, Blank Painting Panels, 8x8 Inches, White

1 PC, Blank Painting Panels, 8x8 Inches, White

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The 8x8 inch dimensions offer a versatile canvas size, suitable for both small-scale masterpieces and intricate details. The pure white background ensures that your colors appear vibrant and true to life, allowing your artwork to truly pop.

These painting panels are meticulously engineered to support a variety of mediums. If you love the versatility and fast-drying nature of acrylics, our panels provide an ideal surface to showcase your acrylic masterpieces. For those who prefer the rich textures and blending capabilities of oil paints, these panels offer the perfect foundation for your oils to shine. Watercolor enthusiasts will appreciate the panel's ability to absorb and hold water, enabling the delicate flow of colors. And if you're a fan of the opaque and matte finishes of gouache, our panels provide the ideal backdrop for your gouache paintings


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