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12 pcs Sketch pencils-Medium Hard

12 pcs Sketch pencils-Medium Hard

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Maries wooden art sketching charcoal pencil. Neutral Carbon core is moderately soft and hard, it is comfortable to paper, dark in color and not easy to fade. 

Wooden pencils are generally more comfortable to hold and use than mechanical pencils, and the neutral carbon core you described is a good choice for sketching because it allows you to create a range of tones from light to dark.

The fact that the carbon core is moderately soft and hard means that you can create both delicate, light lines and bold, dark lines with the same pencil. The dark color and resistance to fading are also important qualities for artists, as it allows their work to retain its quality over time.

Remember to use appropriate paper and be careful with the charcoal dust, as it can be messy and difficult to erase. Happy sketching!


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