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12 water colours

12 water colours

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Watercolor paintset with water ink brush. 12 colors. 

A watercolor paint set with a water ink brush is a popular tool used by artists and hobbyists to create beautiful watercolor paintings. Here's some information about the components:

  1. Watercolor Paint Set: This is a collection of watercolor paints that come in a compact, portable case. 

  2. Water Ink Brush: This is a brush that can be filled with water to create a watercolor effect without having to dip the brush in water. It has a hollow barrel that can be filled with water, which is released onto the brush tip as you paint. This allows for greater control over the water flow and can create a range of effects, from fine lines to broad washes.

When using a watercolor paint set with a water ink brush, it's important to have a good understanding of how the paint behaves when mixed with water. Watercolor paint is translucent, meaning that it can be layered to create a range of hues and shades. The water ink brush can be used to create various effects, such as blending colors together, creating gradient washes, and adding texture to your artwork.

Overall, a watercolor paint set with a water ink brush is a versatile and portable tool for anyone looking to experiment with watercolor painting


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