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12 Art pencils grafit 2B

12 Art pencils grafit 2B

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Grafit 2B black.

A 2B pencil is a type of graphite pencil that falls in the middle of the softness scale. It is not as hard as an H pencil but not as soft as a 6B pencil. The "B" stands for blackness, which indicates the level of darkness or softness of the graphite. The higher the number before the "B," the softer and darker the pencil lead will be.

A 2B pencil is a good all-purpose drawing tool for shading, sketching, and creating a range of values in your artwork. It's suitable for both light and dark areas of a drawing and can be used for both fine details and broader strokes.

Overall, a 2B pencil is a versatile tool that is often a favorite of artists and is a good choice for anyone looking to start drawing or sketching


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