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Complete Artist Kit

Complete Artist Kit

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Includes Pencils, Erasers, Pastels, A Handy Case with 40 Pieces Sketch pencil set for drawing

The 40-piece sketch pencil set is perfect for artists of all levels. It includes pencils, erasers, pastels, and a handy case to keep everything organized.

With a range of different pencil grades, you can create a variety of effects in your drawings, from light and airy sketches to dark and dramatic portraits. The pastels add a pop of color to your artwork, allowing you to create beautiful and vibrant pieces.

The erasers included in this set are high-quality and perfect for correcting mistakes or making adjustments to your drawings. And with the handy case, you can easily take your sketching supplies with you wherever you go, whether you're sketching in the park or attending an art class.

Whether you're a professional artist or just starting out, this 40-piece sketch pencil set has everything you need to create beautiful and inspiring works of art


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