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Floral Watercolour Set

Floral Watercolour Set

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Unleash Your Inner Artist with the Floral Watercolor Set: 8 Double-Ended Watercolor Brush Pens, 1 Pigment Liner 308, Mars Lumograph Aquaell 4B, and Water Brush 949-M.

Experience the enchanting world of watercolor painting with the Floral Watercolor Set, a comprehensive kit designed to ignite your creativity. This set features 8 double-ended watercolor brush pens, 1 pigment liner 308, a Mars Lumograph Aquaell 4B pencil, and a water brush 949-M, providing you with a versatile and professional-grade toolkit for your artistic endeavors.

With the Floral Watercolor Set, you can effortlessly bring your floral creations to life. The 8 double-ended watercolor brush pens offer a wide spectrum of vibrant colors, allowing you to explore an array of shades and create stunning gradients. Each brush pen is carefully crafted with precision tips, offering fine and broad strokes for ultimate control and versatility in your artwork.

To add intricate details and definition to your watercolor masterpieces, the set includes the pigment liner 308. This fine-tip pen ensures crisp lines and precise outlines, allowing you to enhance the beauty of your floral designs with ease.

The Mars Lumograph Aquaell 4B pencil is a perfect companion for sketching and adding depth to your artwork. Its water-soluble graphite core enables you to create expressive textures and shading, providing a touch of realism to your floral illustrations.

The inclusion of the water brush 949-M adds a new dimension to your watercolor painting experience. This brush features a refillable water reservoir, allowing you to easily blend and dilute colors, create washes, and achieve captivating watercolor effects effortlessly


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