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Kids art gifts set, aluminum box.

Kids art gifts set, aluminum box.

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a creative child in your life? Look no further than this kids art painting set. Packed full of high-quality art supplies, this set is sure to inspire creativity and hours of artistic exploration.

The set comes in a durable aluminum box, making it easy to transport and store. And with a wide variety of supplies included, your child will have everything they need to create beautiful works of art.

The set includes 28 color pencils, as well as a 2B pencil and an HB pencil for sketching and outlining. There are also 24 oil pastels, 33 watercolor pens, and 24 watercolor tablets for painting and coloring. And for those who prefer acrylic paints, the set includes 24 tubes of acrylic paint, as well as four brushes and two color palettes for mixing colors.

To keep everything neat and tidy, the set also includes two erasers, a sharpener, and a sturdy box to store everything in. It's the perfect set for budding artists who want to explore a variety of mediums and techniques.

Overall, this kids art painting set is a fantastic gift for any creative child. With a wide range of high-quality art supplies, it's sure to inspire creativity and provide hours of artistic fun.


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